Riddle Room's Escape Room League

Riddle Room is hosting Australia’s first ever Escape Room League. We invite schools from all over Canberra and surrounding regions to participate. Students will be required to think inventively, work as a team and complete a series of puzzles before time runs out. Teams of 4-5 students will compete to win hundreds of dollars in cash and prizes and to be crowned this year’s Escape Masters. The fastest team at the end of the season will be declared the winner. Schools can enter as many teams as they like.

There will be two simultaneous competitions running for Season One. The Nightmare and The Dungeon.

Current Leaders

The Nightmare

Brindabella Christian College

The Dungeon

Brindabella Christian College

Season One

The Nightmare

The Nightmare

You are contacted by the DreamWake Corp. An experimental science facility that specialise in Oneirology, the study of dreams. They have developed a new technology which can.....

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The Dungeon

The King, in his old age, has gone mad with power. He has decided he only wants the greatest minds to dwell within his walls. He is forcing all his people to.....

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The Dungeon

For Students

Do you enjoy puzzles? Are you a problem solver? Or do you want to just have some fun? Then you might have what it takes to be this season’s Escape Masters. To enter you’ll need to gather a team of 4 - 5 friends and register through your school.

All students must be from the same school and aged 15 years or older. A full list of competition rules can be found below.

Ask your teachers to organise a session for you and get practicing. An information pack has already been delivered to your school.

For Teachers

Riddle Room’s Escape Room League is a fantastic opportunity for students to represent their school in a way that praises creative thinking and problem solving. The competition is open to all high school and college students ages 15 years and up.

Students will have to communicate effectively, think creatively, and problem solve in order to progress through the game. They will test their ability to work as a team and solve complex tasks all while having fun. The leaderboard will be updated regularly and students will be able to see how they compare against other schools in Canberra and surrounding regions.

There are fantastic prizes to be won for participating students and their teachers. Unfortunately, teachers are ineligible to participate as part of a school’s team. But, teachers can host a team building activity at Riddle Room and even compare times against their students.

Click here for information package.

Risk assessment is included in the information package. For any additional information please contact us via email or Facebook.

The Rules

All Escape Room League sessions will be monitored by trained staff. All attempts have be made to ensure a fair and consistent competition.

- Each school can have as many groups participate as the want.
- The Dungeon and The Nightmare are separate competitions running simultaneously. One group can participate in both competitions.
- Season 1 ends Nov 24th. Season 2 begins February - June.
- Sessions must be completed within the Season One timeframe to be included in final results.
- All sessions need to be booked through the school for it to be counted as ERL competition.
- All group members must be from the same school.
- All participants must be at least 15 years old.
- Each player can only play each room once. Second timers will disqualify their whole team.
- Participants must all fill in a waiver before the game.
- Each team must provide an appropriate team name.
- Cheating will automatically disqualify the team. No refunds will be given.
- Fastest overall team for each room will be declared the winner.
- All team names (not names of individuals), school, and time will be posted to our online leaderboard.
- Payment must be made in advance.
- Open to High School and College Students only (not university students).
- Discounted rate only applies between 9:00am - 3:30pm Mon - Fri.
- Pricing: $130 per session ($26 per person group of 5, $32.50 per person group of 4).

Rules are subject to change at any time.



Clues will incur a 1 minute penalty each (already included in the times listed below).

Pos School Team Time Clues
1 Brindabella Christian College Real Men Of Genius 49:27 3
2 Gold Creek School GCS Heroes 55:25 3
3 Merici College The Octopi 55:25 4
4 Narrabundah College School Of Dance 57:26 3
5 Brindabella Christian College Jungle Hunters 60:00+ 1
6 Calwell High School Calwell Pineapples 60:00+ 6
7 Wanniassa High School Cookies and Cream 60:00+ 12


Clues will incur a 1 minute penalty each (already included in the times listed below).

Pos School Team Time Clues
1 Brindabella Christian College Real Men of Genius 50:38+ 3
2 Merici College In 60:00+ 7
3 Brindabella Christian College Alpha Sapiens 60:00+ 9
4 Brindabella Christian College Self Aware Trash 60:00+ 10

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Contact Details

Riddle Room is located on the corner of Lysaght and Hoskins St next door to Cafe Gommy's.

8B / 160 Lysaght St, Mitchell ACT 2911
Phone: 02 61741137*
*Phones are only answered directly before and after booked sessions. For quicker response or short notice bookings please contact us via Facebook or Email.