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Frequently Asked Questions

To book a session please click the 'Book Now' link on our website. You will be taken to our booking page where you can select the number of people playing, select a day, and choose a time from the available sessions. You will then be asked to fill out some basic information and pay a deposit. Once this is all complete you will receive an email confirmation for your booking.
We now have two identical Nightmare themed rooms. This allows us to run larger groups split across two rooms. If you have 6 or fewer people you can book either room.
We allow 2 - 7 players in our rooms. We recommend a team of 4 - 7 as groups of 2 have quite a low success rate. If this is your first time doing an escape room we strongly recommend having at least a group of 4 people so your chance to escape on time is increased.
We now have two identical rooms that can be used for large group bookings. Up to 14 people can play at once across 2 rooms at the same time. If you’d like to book out both The Nightmare A and The Nightmare B for you event please email us. Large group bookings usually occur on the half hour e.g. 5:30pm, 7:30pm etc.
Unfortunately, all bookings are final. If unforeseen circumstances cause you to no longer be available for your session please contact us via our Facebook page / email prior to the booking date and we’ll do our best to rearrange your session time. If the group is a No-Show, the session will not be rescheduled or refunded.
Gift Vouchers are available from our website. Please follow the links above. Gift vouchers are valid for 12 months.
When redeeming gift vouchers please note that the discount will apply at the end of the booking. You'll need to select your date and session first and follow all the booking steps. The discount will then be applied when you are ready to pay. For any gift voucher enquiries please email
The Gift Vouchers generated by our booking system aren't the prettiest things in the world, so once you have purchased your gift voucher you can contact us with the voucher code, message and who the voucher is to, and we will create you a nicer voucher free of charge!
Our escape rooms are fairly difficult which is why we recommend a larger group. Groups of 2 have about a 13% success rate, while groups of 4 have about a 43% success rate. On arrival you’ll be briefed on what to look out for and how to play the game effectively. Our hosts will happily give you clues if you are finding things too hard. If you work as a team and communicate effectively you’ll be more likely to successfully escape. If this is your first time doing an escape room we recommend having at least a group of 4 people so your chance to escape on time is increased.
Please try to arrive to your booking 10 minutes early so your game can start on time. Our Game Masters will brief you on how everything works and what to expect. After the short briefing you’ll have 60 minutes to escape the room. If you arrive late it will eat into your 60 minutes of escape time. You will be debriefed after your game where you will have an opportunity to find out your times for each puzzle solution and ask any questions that you might have.
All you need to bring is yourself. If you need reading glasses you may want to bring them. We recommend comfortable clothes with covered shoes. You won’t be allowed to bring anything inside the room beside a water bottle. All your belongings will be locked away safely during the duration of your game.
Our clue system will be described during your session briefing. We can either push clues if we think you’re stuck or taking too long on a puzzle or we can wait for you to ask for clues. If you want to really challenge yourself we can also run a no clues session.
Riddle Room only opens when a room is booked, so all sessions must be pre-booked. For short notice bookings please contact us via email or Facebook and we will do our best to fit you in.
Car is recommended. Weekday bus route 56 and 57 (weekends 956 or 958) will stop a hundred metres away on Hoskins Street or Lysaght Street.
Riddle Room is now wheelchair friendly. We would recommend having at least one non-wheelchair user to assist in completing puzzles.
If you are unavailable for all the session times available please contact us via email or Facebook and we will try our best to arrange an alternative time for you to play.
The Nightmare Room may be frightening for some people and we recommend people over the age of 16. Participants under the age of 14 MUST be accompanied by an adult player. If you are thinking about hosting a younger group please notify us beforehand.
A number of safety features have been installed so you are never completely locked in. You are free to leave the game at anytime, though this will be considered as an unsuccessful escape.
'Escape Room' is the activity where you are placed in a specially designed room where you solve puzzles to escape under the specified time limit.
'Riddle Room' is our business name. We are an escape room company.
'The Nightmare' is the name of one of the themes for our escape rooms.
'The Dungeon' is the name of one of the themes for our escape rooms.
Riddle Room is in the process of creating a new room that will be opening towards the end of 2017. If you'd like to keep up with information on upcoming rooms from Riddle Room, please like us on Facebook. Otherwise, check out our friends at Escape Rooms Canberra.
If you have the chance to drive up to Sydney we recommend Enigma Room or Labyrinth Escape Room.
If you had a good time trying to escape The Nightmare Room you can leave us a review on either TripAdvisor, Google or Facebook. And, be sure to tell all your friends how much fun you had OR you can share our Facebook page on your wall.
The more people who try out Riddle Room the quicker we can get more rooms open, every little bit helps. If you had any other comments or suggestions we'd love to hear about them. You can send us a Facebook message or email us at