Frequently Asked Questions
What does it cost?
2 People: $42 each
3-4 People: $40 each
5-6 People: $38 each
7-8 People: $36 each

On public holidays we have a minimum charge of 4 players ($160)
What if less or more people come on the day?
We are pretty flexible with the number of players. If you booked for 4 people and 5 turn up, that's fine! If you book for 7 and only 2 turn up, that's also fine! If you've only booked 1 room and you turn up with a number of players that is between the minimum and the maximum for that room, that's fine with us and you'll only be charged for whoever turns up!
The Nightmare A and B?
We have two identical Nightmare themed rooms. This allows us to run larger groups split across two rooms. If you have 7 or fewer people you can book either room.
How many people can I go with?
We allow 2 - 7 players in our rooms (The Dungeon and Hotel allow up to 8). The Hotel requires a minimum of 4. We recommend a team of 4 - 6 as groups of 2 have quite a low success rate. If this is your first time doing an escape room we strongly recommend having at least a group of 4 people so your chance to escape on time is increased.
Large Group Booking?
We have two identical rooms that can be used for large group bookings. Up to 14 people can play at once across 2 rooms at the same time. We also have 2 other themed rooms that your group can split up between. We can hold up to 28 players at once. Please email us for more information.
Cancellations or No-Shows
Unfortunately, all bookings are final. If unforeseen circumstances cause you to no longer be available for your session please try to contact us via our Facebook page / email at least 48 prior to the booking date and we’ll do our best to rearrange your session time. If the group is a No-Show, the session will not be rescheduled or refunded.
Buying and Redeeming Gift Vouchers?
Gift Vouchers are available through our website, just click the 'Gift Voucher' link in the navigation bar at the top. When redeeming gift vouchers please note that the discount will apply at the end of the booking. You'll need to select your date and session first and follow all the booking steps. The discount will then be applied when you are ready to pay. For any gift voucher enquiries please email escape@riddleroom.com.au.
What happens on the day? What if I’m late?
Please try to arrive to your booking 10 minutes early so your game can start on time. Our Game Masters will brief you on how everything works and what to expect. After the short briefing you’ll have 60 minutes to escape the room. If you arrive late it will eat into your 60 minutes of escape time. You will be debriefed after your game where you will have an opportunity to find out your times for each puzzle solution and ask any questions that you might have.
Are Walk-In accepted?
Riddle Room only opens when a room is booked, so all sessions must be pre-booked at least 24 hours in advance. For short notice bookings please contact us via email or Facebook and we will do our best to fit you in.
Is there wheelchair access?
Riddle Room is now wheelchair friendly. We would recommend having at least one non-wheelchair user to assist in completing puzzles.
We recommend people over the age of 16 for The Dungeon and The Nightmare. Participants under the age of 14 MUST be accompanied by an adult player. The Hotel has a minimum age requirement of 16. If you are thinking about hosting a younger group in The Nightmare or The Dungeon, please notify us beforehand.
Am I really locked in?
A number of safety features have been installed so you are never completely locked in. You are free to leave the game at anytime, though this will be considered as an unsuccessful escape.
I've already played all of you rooms, what other escape rooms can I do now?
If you’ve played our rooms and want to do more, we recommend checking out our friends at Escape Rooms Canberra and Expedition Escape! There are also many great rooms in Sydney (The Cipher Room, Next Level Escape, Labyrinth Escape Rooms and Enigma Room)
I had lots of fun, what can I do to help?
If you had a good time trying to escape our rooms, you can leave us a review on either TripAdvisor, Google or Facebook. And, be sure to tell all your friends how much fun you had OR you can share our Facebook page on your wall. Word Of Mouth is the best type of advertisment and accounts for about 80% of how people hear about us! If you had any other comments or suggestions we'd love to hear about them. You can send us a Facebook message or email us at escape@riddleroom.com.au